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Name: Terrence J Gatsby
Location: United States
LinkedIn: terrencegatsby
WhatsApp: Terrence Gatsby
Telegram: @terrencegatsby
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Terrence Gatsby, a renowned Chief Technology Officer, has established himself as an authority in the Web3 space, combining his expertise in blockchain, crypto, DeFi, and fintech technologies with extraordinary people skills. Terrence’s innovative thinking, strategic mindset, and empathetic approach to leadership have made him an invaluable asset in the technology and finance sectors.

With a strong background in technology and a deep understanding of the digital ecosystem, Terrence has proven to be a pioneer in the emerging decentralized landscape. As a Crypto and Blockchain trailblazer, he has consistently driven innovation and growth in Web3, creating a lasting impact on the industry.

When it comes to his leadership style, Terrence is a people management maestro. His compassion and empathy are the cornerstones of his leadership style, making him an outstanding leader in the field. With a keen business acumen, Terrence is highly respected for his vision and ability to create and execute successful strategies.

Terrence is an authority on building high-performing teams. He understands the importance of fostering an inclusive and collaborative work environment. With a people-first approach, he is adept at building and leading high-performing teams that drive success in the industry.

Terrence is known for possessing the rare combination of technical excellence and human connection seldom found in his counterparts. His ability to combine technical excellence with human connection has made him a valuable asset in the industry. His well-rounded leadership style, featuring a rare blend of technical prowess and emotional intelligence, truly sets him apart from his peers.

Connect with Terrence Gatsby to stay informed about the latest developments in the world of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and decentralized technologies. By following Terrence, you’ll gain valuable insights into the rapidly evolving digital landscape and learn how to leverage these technologies for success in the Web3 world.


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(Animoca Brands)

London, United Kingdom

Chief Technology Officer

2022 – Present

Forj, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, is dedicated to bridging the gap between the blockchain realm and its real-world applications. Forj offers an expansive suite of products and services tailored to harness the untapped potential of decentralized systems, empowering businesses and individual creators alike. Their offerings span from a robust NFT minting and trading marketplace for creators and fans, to launchpad solutions that aid budding projects in gaining traction. Furthermore, they delve into the creation and management of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), smart contract development, and pioneering metaverse experiences. Forj aids businesses in NFT staking, swapping, and even facilitates NFT shopping platforms and micro-marketplaces. Forj also plays a pivotal consulting role, demystifying blockchain’s intricacies for businesses and organizations.

  • Design and launch Web3 Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that offers various services related to NFTs, launchpads, DAOs, smart contracts, metaverse experiences, staking, swapping, shopping, and micro marketplaces. Some of the specific achievements of the platform include:

NFT Minting and Marketplace Service: Architected and launched an all-encompassing NFT platform, leading to a 60% increase in our user base. By aggregating multiple NFT marketplaces, solidified partnerships with industry players like BAYC and CryptoKitties.

Launchpad Service: Drove the development of our Launchpad platform, empowering emerging NFT projects with the necessary exposure and funding. This initiative resulted in a 40% increase in the number of successful project launches and attracted 20 new projects in its first year.

DAO Management Service: Designed and launched a comprehensive DAO service, leading to a 50% increase in client adoption and facilitating over $1M in decentralized fund allocations within the first year.

Smart Contract Automation Service: Integrated a tailored smart contract automation system for NFTs, resulting in a 30% reduction in Ethereum and Polygon transaction costs. The efficiency gains spurred a 15% rise in user engagement.

Metaverse Development Service: Collaborated with industry entities like The Sandbox and Mocaverse, contributing to a 5% increase in user adoption. Orchestrating a project in the metaverse space highlighted our innovative approach.

NFT Staking Service: Leveraged advanced dApp technologies to reshape the staking landscape, leading to a 40% increase in staked assets and a 30% growth in active stakers.

NFT Swapping Service: Introduced a platform for cryptocurrency exchanges, leading to a 50% rise in swap transactions and a 20% increase in new user registrations.

NFT Shopping Service: Tapped into the e-commerce potential of crypto, pioneering an NFT shopping ecosystem. This led to a 30% increase in NFT-related purchases and partnerships with 20 e-commerce entities in the initial year.

Micro Marketplace Service: Spearheaded the development and launch of a dynamic platform that revolutionized user experiences. This initiative resulted in a 20% uptick in micro-transaction volume and a 15% increase in user registrations within the first year.

  • Conduct an AWS migration successfully migrating the NFT and Web3-as-a-Service platforms to AWS infrastructure while maintaining system stability and security.

Datassure Corp

Irvine, CA

Chief Technology Officer

2021 – 2022

Datassure is a data curation company that helps businesses collect, analyze, and use IoT data to improve their customer insights, ROI, and compliance. They are a trusted partner for businesses looking to gain a competitive advantage in the digital age.

  • Migrated systems to AWS, boosting scalability, reliability, and security.
  • Implemented microservices, improving efficiency by 25% and response time by 30%.
  • Developed digital strategy for IoT and data analytics, increasing revenue 40% and customer engagement 20%.
  • Utilized blockchain for IoT security and scalability, reducing incidents 50% and improving performance 35%.
  • Spearheaded the tokenization and secure encapsulation of all data assets, reducing breaches by 70%, boosting transaction speed by 50%, and raising quarterly revenue by 30%.
  • Aligned technology with growth strategy, increasing market share 15% and time-to-market 25%.
  • Led innovative product development using IoT and data management, boosting customer satisfaction 50% and adoption 20%.
  • Provided technical leadership, enhancing R&D efficiency 30% and quality 25%.
  • Oversaw hardware, connectivity, and analytics projects, reducing costs 40% and improving performance 30%.

Wedbush Securities Inc

Los Angeles, CA

Chief Technology Officer

2020 – 2021

Wedbush is a leader in the financial industry providing its clients with a wide range of services; including institutional sales, correspondent clearing services, equity research, corporate and municipal finance, equity market making, fixed income trading, prime brokerage, and wealth management.

  • Played pivotal role in executing enterprise-wide transformations including Digital, Agile, Architecture, and Cloud, reducing technical debt 35% and improving business efficiency 50%.
  • Achieved 99.99% uptime across all systems, reducing maintenance costs 30% and increasing customer satisfaction 40%.
  • Managed development teams, delivering 15 new features, increasing customer acquisition 20% and retention 15%.
  • Developed and implemented upskilling curriculum, boosting productivity 25% and reducing development time 20%.
  • Re-architected and re-platformed applications, improving performance 45% and reducing infrastructure costs 60%.
  • Integrated blockchain for DAOs and DeFi, projected to increase market share 25% and revenue 30%.
  • Devised migration plans to split monoliths, reducing time-to-market 50% and operational costs 40%.
  • Built cloud-based microservices ecosystem, improving availability 40% and reducing infrastructure costs 30%.
  • Leveraged extensive AWS knowledge, reducing development time 25% and increasing scalability 20%.
  • Collaborated on automation patterns, promoting DevOps, AWS, and microservices, cutting maintenance costs 30% and increasing deployment frequency 20%.


Los Angeles, CA

Chief Information Officer

2017 – 2019

CLOUT is a FinTech startup & cash rewards platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to form mutually beneficial partnerships with both consumers and businesses alike. Clout members receive bonus cash back and VIP Perks from companies eager to earn their business, while companies get actionable data on their target demographic and their competitors’ best customers.

  • Cultivated high-performing team of 22 engineers, increasing productivity 60% and decreasing development time 40%.
  • Implemented Big Data solution on AWS, improving data processing 80% and reducing storage costs 50%.
  • Optimized scalability and storage by decoupling compute and storage, reducing infrastructure costs 70% and improving performance 60%.
  • Deployed SaaS on AWS, reducing deployment time 40% and increasing uptime 30%.
  • Provided leadership in search architecture, reducing search time 50% and improving accuracy 70%.
  • Led CLOUT blockchain cryptocurrency design, development, and fundraising, generating $1.5M via ICO.
  • Created CLOUT Coin crypto token, boosting engagement 200% and sales 80%.
  • Developed blockchain tokenization platform, increasing shareholder value 50%, company valuation 60%, and created white-label equity token offering (ETO) turnkey solution, reducing fundraising costs 75% and boosting investor participation 100%.

IGM Global Inc

Cambridge, MA

Chief Technology Officer

2015 – 2017

IGM Global is an EdTech startup and world-class online education delivery platform which has a global footprint serving regions all over the world with training by recognized global thought leaders and localized content servicing executives from large global companies. IGM Global Inc. (IGA) is the US based subsidiary of the Institute of Global Management in Korea (IGM). IGM has trained over 15,000 C-suite executives from large multinational companies such as Samsung, LG, BMW, IBM, etc.

  • Orchestrated successful corporate strategy that propelled company to achieve dominant market share, positioning as #1 global leader in preparing executives for 4IR.
  • Shepherded engineering of scalable global AWS cloud environment, achieving 99.996% uptime for flagship SaaS education platform serving millions across 4 continents.
  • Innovatively led design, development and implementation of cutting-edge technology architecture and SaaS delivery platform, increasing user engagement 98% and reducing downtime 55%.
  • Spearheaded highly effective product localization initiative, adapting content for diverse cultural nuances, resulting in 250% increase in customer acquisition, engagement, and satisfaction across 15 countries and 12 languages.

LA Digital Works Inc

Los Angeles, CA

IT Director

2011 – 2015

LDW was an AdTech startup and digital marketing agency which provided strategy, web and mobile application design, e- commerce platform solutions, digital marketing services, business email solutions and customize software development for the entertainment and media industry. In 2015, the business was acquired by a larger media and entertainment company to enhance their services.

  • Shepherded the design and implementation of e-commerce platform solutions that easily adapted and scaled to the unique selling and buying scenarios for specific clients’ needs. The e-commerce systems delivered consistent, engaging, and personalized shopping and service experiences on any device, anywhere the clients’ customers shopped.
  • Created new cloud-based product offerings and accompanying organizational division to drive and support sales and new customer acquisition.
  • Streamlined processes through the implementation of new development methodologies and Dev/Ops practices thus reducing the development lifecycle 30%.
  • Implemented IT outsourcing and offshoring strategies resulting in $1.7 Million development cost savings.

PJM Interconnection

Audubon, PA

Senior IT Architect

2007 – 2011

PJM is responsible for managing the electric grid of the eastern United States as well as the world’s largest competitive wholesale electricity market.

  • Designed and implemented the technology for the next generation power grid (Smart Grid technology) for the eastern United States. Managed a matrixed technical staff of 35+ and budget of $40 Million for this 4-year project.
  • Led the design and implementation of the technology solution for real-time multi-site orchestration of the power grid providing unified management of disparate underlying information systems as a single cohesive set of resources across multiple power grid control centers.
  • Reduce server footprint and create a dynamic infrastructure by employing cloud computing and other recommendations. This resulted in the virtualization of 90% of the systems responsible for power grid and wholesale market reliability.
  • Implemented 1,600 virtual systems and decommission 2,300 physical systems which cut operational cost by 36% while simultaneously increasing grid efficiency.
  • Headed design and implementation of a large service-oriented architecture for the eastern US power grid.


University of Phoenix

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) program provides the knowledge to successfully apply information technology theory and principles to address real world business opportunities and challenges. The program covers fundamental and advanced knowledge in a variety of IT related topic areas. The program provides the opportunity to specialize through the selection of University of Phoenix IT academic certificates, aligned to industry certifications, to support IT career goals.


Certified Blockchain Solution Architect

Issuing organization: Blockchain Training Alliance
Issue date: November 2021
Expiration date: November 2023
Credential ID: 98278bad09047e17361147c8e25d84a12406d758a52e523426d3cafff45f1ffd
Credential URL

Certified Solution Architect - Associate

Issuing organization: Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Issue date: October 2020
Expiration date: October 2023
Credential URL

Certified Cloud Practitioner

Issuing organization: Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Issue date: April 2020
Expiration date: October 2023
Credential ID: Z2TV1ZN2MJ1E1M94
Credential URL

My Skills

Executive Competencies

Team & Organizational Leadership

Infuses a culture committed to driving business value, increasing efficiency, and extending capabilities through technology products and solutions. Assembles and cultivates talented and diverse teams, building their…

Business Communication

Articulates a clear vision, using an enthusiastic, persuasive communication style to drive efforts toward a common objective. Able to gain buy-in from all stakeholders through active listening and addressing…

Strategic Leadership

Contributes to business strategy development, lead the vision, strategy development and execution for technology across the company. Ensure strong commitment to strategy by effectively communicating…

Transformation Leadership

Key contributor to strategy development and execution for company-wide technology transformation efforts including Digital Transformation, Agile Transformation, Modern Architecture Transformation and Cloud…

Sustainable Value Creation

Collaborates with executive and senior leadership to identify and exploit opportunities to create value for clients and employees in the right way, creating sustainability, scalability, and investment…

Results Leadership

Maintains laser focus on meeting the needs of a rapidly scaling business and delivering measurable results. Eager to take on the organizations toughest problems and create positive outcomes. Always sure…

Operational Leadership

Manages all aspects of technology operations including architecture, cloud environments, data and analytics, infrastructure, applications, production support, network, and telecommunications. Publishes meaningful…

Financial Stewardship

Provides company-wide stewardship for the management of technology investments, partnering with different lines of business to develop lean business cases, and to monitor, analyze and report on…

Organizational Development

Oversees the development of effective and high-quality technology team, with the required skills, competencies, and business acumen to serve the company’s mission with effectiveness and excellence. Sources…

Risk Management

Ensures an effective risk management process that integrates risk management into day-to-day operations, meeting regulatory compliance, business resiliency and quality requirements. Responds accurately and…

Industry and Market Participation

Actively seek industry and market perspectives, building a network of other industry CIOs/CTOs and stakeholder CIOs/CTOs to remain current with industry trends and developments. Contribute to the organization’s…

Technology-Related Knowledge and Skills

Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Solutions15+ Years 100Years
Amazon Web Services12 Years 80Years
Public, Private & Consortium Blockchains8 Years 54Years
Distributed Ledger Frameworks8 Years 54Years
PoW, PoS & PPoS8 Years 54Years
Bitcoin8 Years 54Years
Ethereum6 Years 40Years
Polygon3 Years 20Years
Solidity6 Years 40Years
DeFi5 Years 33Years
NFTs3 Years 20Years
Launchpads3 Years 20Years
Marketplaces3 Years 20Years
dApps3 Years 20Years
DAOs3 Years 20Years
ERC-208 Years 54Years
ERC-7213 Years 20Years
ERC-11553 Years 20Years
ERC-36641 Years 7Years
Soulbound Tokens1 Years 7Years
Metaverse1 Years 7Years
Web Development15+ Years 100Years
HTML/CSS15+ Years 100Years
HTML59 Years 60Years
CSS315+ Years 100Years
XML15+ Years 100Years
JavaScript15+ Years 100Years
JQuery15+ Years 100Years
PHP15+ Years 100Years
Python15+ Years 100Years
REST APIs15+ Years 100Years
JSON15+ Years 100Years
React JS7 Years 47Years
Node JS7 Years 47Years
Express JS7 Years 47Years
Angular7 Years 47Years
Microservices11 Years 73Years
CI/CD Pipeline8 Years 54Years
Mobile Application Design12 Years 80Years
e-Commerce12 Years 80Years
Apache Kafka6 Years 40Years
AWS CodePipeline5 Years 33Years
AWS CodeBuild6 Years 40Years
AWS CodeCommit6 Years 40Years
AWS CodeDeploy6 Years 40Years
AWS Device Farm6 Years 40Years
AWS CloudFormation8 Years 54Years
AWS SQS11 Years 73Years
AWS SNS11 Years 73Years
SCRUM13 Years 87Years
Kanban12 Years 80Years
Scaled Agile10 Years 67Years
Artificial Intelligence6 Years 40Years
Machine Learning6 Years 40Years
Apache Hadoop6 Years 40Years
Apache MapReduce6 Years 40Years
Apache Spark6 Years 40Years
Serverless Data Lakes4 Years 27Years
Amazon EMR6 Years 40Years
Amazon Athena4 Years 27Years
Amazon Kinesis6 Years 40Years
Amazon Glue5 Years 33Years
Amazon SageMaker5 Years 33Years
Amazon EC211 Years 74Years
Amazon Elastic Beanstalk11 Years 74Years
Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling11 Years 74Years
Amazon Elastic File System7 Years 47Years
AWS Lambda7 Years 47Years
Amazon S311 Years 74Years
Amazon Glacier8 Years 54Years
Docker8 Years 54Years
Kubernetes3 Years 20Years
Amazon Elastic Container Registry7 Years 47Years
Amazon Elastic Container Service7 Years 47Years
Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service3 Years 20Years
AWS Fargate3 Years 20Years
Linux15+ Years 100Years
Windows15+ Years 100Years
OSX15+ Years 100Years
iOS11 Years 74Years
Android11 Years 74Years
Apache15+ Years 100Years
NGINX11 Years 74Years
Amazon VPC 11 Years 74Years
Amazon Route 5311 Years 74Years
Amazon CloudFront10 Years 67Years
Amazon API Gateway7 Years 47Years
MS SQL Server15+ Years 100Years
MySQL15+ Years 100Years
PostgreSQL15+ Years 100Years
NoSQL11 Years 74Years
MongoDB11 Years 74Years
Amazon RDS11 Years 74Years
Amazon Aurora8 Years 54Years
Amazon DynamoDB7 Years 47Years
Memcached14 Years 94Years
Redis12 Years 80Years
Amazon ElastiCache11 Years 74Years
Amazon Redshift8 Years 54Years
AWS IoT Core2 Years 13Years
AWS IoT Device Management2 Years 13Years
AWS IoT Analytics2 Years 13Years
AWS IoT Greengrass1 Years 7Years
Samsara IoT2 Years 13Years


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