Dalton Fowler

Vice President, Sales & Marketing – CLOUT

I worked very closely with Terrence, he was always a beacon of positivity and a pleasure to see in our office, demonstrating an expansive skill set in both technology and people management. I have worked with a lot of executives in tech and not one has had the depth of character and friendliness that Terrence possesses.

What stood out to me most about working with Terrence, was his depth of knowledge in technology. Often times executives at his level simply point and command because they either don’t have the wherewithal to get things done or they prefer to simply tell others what to do. Whenever our dev team encountered roadblocks Terrence was there to lead them through in a hands-on capacity. This level of support eventually made the dev team comfortable enough to proactively seek Terrence’s guidance, which he would always provide without hesitation.

I hope to work with Terrence again in the near future.