Ismael Terreno

Senior Full Stack Developer – Forj

After working for many companies, what I can contrast with Terence is that he is a very detailed, professional person, dedicated to the formation of excellent teams, always attentive to any type of administrative, personal or professional need of each one of the members. That is, something that often cannot be witnessed.

I always like to think that companies are made up of people. Therefore, from there is born the best service or product that one can imagine as an individual.

That is why, if at any time you need a person who has the ability to form an excellent team or maintain an existing one with the best possible execution, close monitoring of any type of event and decision-making that will undoubtedly transfer to the Company towards the right path for people who own a business or investors who want the best results. I definitely recommend Terence. Like one of the best candidates you can get.