Pulkit Agarwal

Senior Blockchain Engineer – Forj

I had the pleasure of working with Terrence during our time at Forj. Terrence was very instrumental in creating our new tech-team by interviewing and hiring a bunch of qualified and technically sound candidates. He was at the forefront of putting together a very capable blockchain team and transitioning them onto various Forj projects, ensuring a short learning curve in the process. His leadership skills, deep understanding of blockchain at a conceptual and technical level, and in-depth understanding of the market were great assets to our different technical teams at Forj.

Besides his knowledge and leadership skills, one thing that always stood about Terrence is that he was available round the clock and always willing to assist team-members on all fronts. What Terrence brought to the table in terms of years of experience in the blockchain as well as the IT field was unique, and that, coupled with his energy and hard work, made him a very crucial part of the company.