Valeriy Anufriev

Senior Product Manager – Forj

I worked under Terrence as a Senior Product Owner and I must say both myself and our tech team grew professionally and became much more efficient.

Terrence is an inspiring and diligent leader how trusts his team and delegates, no micromanagement was ever noticed. This way of empowering boosted our motivation and output visibly.

Besides, he knows the blockchain and fintech space very well, and he was the driver behind ensuring our processes and tech stack are up to the mark and scale.

Terrence has also helped us build the product team, guiding us with his product and market experience and expertise: we became much more agile and lean and reduced our time-to-MVP drastically.

All in all, Terrence shaped a collective of very capable professionals who have a clear vision to work towards and who are very much like a united tribe. Everybody knows their responsibilities and trusts each other.

I’m looking forward for our professional paths to cross again.