Vic A. Melkonian

Chief Operating Officer – CLOUT

I have known Terrence Gatsby for some time. He has held the role of Chief Information Officer at, where I am the COO. In all my years of experience, Terrence stands out for his professionalism including his intelligence, work ethic, integrity, positive attitude, teamwork mentality, leadership, diligence, and project management skills. He is well respected throughout the organization for being the “go-to” person for information technology advice and guidance.

Throughout the time I’ve known him, he has consistently demonstrated a positive attitude that influences everyone who comes in contact with him. During his time with Clout, he played an important role in helping launch the company’s online products. This included developing the company’s technology roadmap in order to establish an A.I. driven data product connected to the accounting, money transfer, and identity verification Application Programming Interface (API) of over 19,000 participating banks. In fact, he has been so effective in this role that Clout is now considered one of the leading financial technology firms in the arena of card-linked rewards and transactional intelligence.

In summation, due to his great attitude, dedication, and excellent potential, I would heartily recommend Terrence Gatsby for additional services in a consulting or advisory role. I am confident he would be a great asset to any team or organization.